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Metal Saints

Saint Elena

Saint Elena

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I don’t think it is possible to conceptualize how strong and powerful a person is capable of being.

You hear about people overcoming physical impairments or sicknesses, spiritual hardships, accidents, and mental health battles that most of us would never dream of having to face.

Even less so do we consider the strength one builds that coming out the other side not as angry and bitter, but as a person of love, gratitude, and self-awareness.

It is those people that make colors brighter, music louder, and will without a question bring a smile to your face.

That make you laugh so hard your belly hurts or forget how late it is because time flies by when you’re with them.

The people that make you feel warm.  

Someone specific just came to mind, didn’t they?

For me, that is one of my besties, Miss Elena Rauschen.

From the day we met three years ago, she has been a ray of light and joy in my life.

Much like the dragon, she is powerful and strong.

She has overcome things with a grace I could only dream of.

She is and always has been the embodiment of love.

She is a Saint.

Here’s to you babe- The Saint Elena Crop

This comfy crop comes in 6 colors and is a very light weight ribbed material.

Pair it with The Deep Breath Biker Shorts for a comfy badass gym fit.

Model is 5'3" | 138 lbs. wearing a size small in both.

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