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Metal Saints

Momento Mori Tee

Momento Mori Tee

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A reminder that death is inevitable and our time here is scarce and sacred.

A reminder that though death is regared as dark, painful and lonely for those that survive, it in and of itself is beautiful.

It is the experience that grants so much power to the time we have to live.

Without death, life is nothing more than mere existence.

It grants us the ability to truly live, to experience love, sorrow, pain and happiness.

Death serves as a reminder to make our time here count.

To live our lives exactly as we desire-

To explore the world and all it has to offer

To love who we want and how we want

To grow through the difficult times and learn more of yourself than you’ve previously known

To celebrate our accomplishments and help loved one’s celebrate theirs

To be aware that life happens both in the big moments and the little

Without death, we are unable to fully embrace life.

So the choice is yours - what will you do with your time here? And how will you be remembered?

Momento Mori
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